The videos above are a part of a Ted Talk blog:  The Full Epic of Ed Gavagan. 

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The Moth Presents Ed Gavagan: Victims Impact

The Moth Presents Ed Gavagan: Whatever Doesn't Kill Me  

The Full Epic of Ed Gavagan... An inspiring series of videos in which he tells his story of being a victim of a violent crime, struggling to managing his day-to-day life in the aftermath, physical injuries, PTSD, and making his victim impact statement.

Though inspiring, he discusses his attack in detail.  If you feel that the details of his attack may be a trigger for you, please do not watch at this time.

Survivors of Violent Crimes

Peer Support Group, Resources for Survivors - a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Monmouth County, New Jersey

866-531-3822 or 732-749-1362 Phone/Text

Almost 6 years after my attack,  my Victim Impact Statement has been published as part of an exclusive story on TAPinto Colts Neck.  My story was picked up and published in Community Magazine,                         May 2019 Edition for Mental Health Awareness Month - Raising Awareness of PTSD.

The link to the article, video and images of my post-surgical wounds is below "Donna's Story" 

***** Trigger Warning*****

I talk about the attack in detail and the images are of my post-surgical wounds, stitched and stapled. 

Please do not read, watch or view if you are sensitive to graphic content.

The Moth Presents Ed Gavagan: Drowning on Sullivan Street  

Interviews of Charisma Carpenter, Parts 1 and 2.... She finds her voice and speaks out for herself and for other Survivors Of Violent Crimes.

(Note:  The crime victim compensation value she mentions is reflective of California, not New Jersey.)