About Us...

All traumatic experiences and each individual's response to the trauma, are unique.  However, trauma leaves an impression that most Survivors experience in the same way.

This group was formed to bring Survivors Of Violent Crimes and Their Families and Friends together to support, educate and empower each  other.  Here we can work together on our journeys toward healing.

Having a support system is vital in processing and managing day-to-day life in the aftermath of a traumatic event.

If you are seeking support for dealing with trauma and PTSD, please join us.

Though formed as a support group for Survivors Of Violent Crimes, we welcome trauma survivors of all experiences.

Survivors of Violent Crimes

Peer Support Group, Resources for Survivors - a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Monmouth County, New Jersey

866-531-3822 or 732-749-1362 Phone/Text